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Thursday , February 22 , 2001

We have moved!

From now on, you can find Get With The Program at the following address:

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Time to go public.. Gijs and I are proud to announce that Get With The Program is moving to the GameSpy network! The move will take place very soon, when we have the new site set up. There will be some nice surprises when we relaunch. We are both very excited about this opportunity to show GWTP to more people and we think we fit in very well with the GameSpy network.

We will probably make a short FAQ soon, explaining some things. But if you already have some comment, we'd be happy to hear it in the forums or our e-mail.

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We finally have our own domain! Please update your bookmarks, from now on our official address is at In addition to this, other great things are afoot, which Gijs already alluded to in the news post. Don't blink or you'll miss it!

Back to the strip No strip today, 'cause Gijs has gone away..
Well, not exactly, he's just studying for exams (numerical mathematics, his favourite :-) and that doesn't leave any room for new strips. But we will have a new review up in a few days! Also, we noticed the copyright message on the page was gone. I've corrected this.

Back to the strip You like us! You REALLY like us! *sniff*
We've risen to a glorious 15th place in the Keenspace Top 99 list! Thanks, and keep clickin'! Together we can reach number one! Well, maybe not, but we can try..

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Well, that's it really.. thanks!
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