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Fun Stuff

Fan Art

by Bing Ho from Guardian Angel

Miscellaneous Stuff

The Making of Get With The Program - Journey into the magical world behind the comic!

The Bugs Saga

A spin-off strip we used to run on weekends, the bugs were short-lived but may return someday.
  1. Let's get this over with..
  2. Charming as ever
  3. What's in a name (or in a comic strip title for that matter)
  4. Bugs, take 1
  5. How many floppy disks?
  6. Holy Lame Parodies, Bugman!!
  7. A Bug's Trip

Gijs' Art (click for full picture)

mmm, pretty it is, mmm...

Warriors in the Order of the Penguin

Gijs' dazzling TV test screen!

Jan's Rants

  • Insulting Women: How & Why
    My first rant, about whether or not GWTP is insulting to women. This was written in a time when we did some, perhaps a few too many, Quety-is-dumb jokes in a row.

  • Why you shouldn't pay for your CDs
    Why digital information can't be protected, and how the internet will change the practical meaning of copyrights.

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