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The Cast

Having been burnt-out by years of leading pointless projects, George van den Berg has cultivated sarcastic remarks to an artform. They are his only way of getting through the day.

George leads the main development team at Buggy Software.

After a number of unsuccesful secretarial jobs, Quety Pi (Hey, it's her actual name - we can't help it!) decided to move up in the world. How she got the job at Buggy is still a little vague, because she sure as hell isn't qualified.

For now, Quety maintains the company website using Microsoft Word..

Nick Tartakovsky is your typical nerd programmer. Very good at technical stuff but his interpersonal skills are somewhat lacking. He lives on Mountain Dew and Twinkies.

Nick is the lead programmer at Buggy Software.

Cheng Smorgasbordsson is Buggy Software's designer. A 'cool' guy with a healthy if somewhat large dose of self-confidence.

Like most game designers, he usually just recycles some old ideas and fires up the hype machine.

Cindy Aquetèrnaîme is the resident artist / 3d modeler. Unlike most of the rest of the team she has a pretty clear head.

She has a slightly evil sense of humour and she's always up for a devious workplace prank.

Who are we to break with tradition? Of course Get With The Program has its own fluffy-talking-animal-with-an-attitude!

The specimen in question is called Flux. Whether or not he's related to that other famous penguin remains to be seen.

Somewhere in the dark recesses of the Buggy Software offices live Beppie (the cockroach) and Arie (the spider). They were just another insect and arachnid until the monitor radiation took its toll and gave them self-consciousness. Now they spend their days feeding off the omnipresent pizza leftovers and discussing whatever comes to their genetically-enhanced minds.
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